What We Believe

The Purpose of God


We believe the Bible is God's perfect communication to us.  All of us are looking for something or someone to tell us the truth, and for us, that ultimate source of truth is the Bible.  We look to the Bible for an understanding of life, faith, and a deeper grasp of who God is.  On our own, we would not be able to understand His character or His plan. Through the Bible, we see that God is infinite, holy, just, loving, gracious, merciful, and so much more.  

God is revealed to us in the Bible as being one essence that manifests Himself in three persons, often referred to as the Trinity.  The Bible affirms God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit all as God, yet existing as one.  We believe that God exists eternally, not bound by time, but rather the creator of it, in addition to all of life.  He is the ruler of all things, yet He is close and personal with each of us.  

The Bible also reveals to us the nature of our humanity.  Men and women are created in the image of God and, therefore, possess an inherent value that comes from God.  However, all people come into this world with a sinful nature, or a want to rebel against God's desires for us.  This began with the first people God created, Adam and Eve, who were deceived and chose to disobey God.  Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we are incapable of now meeting the perfection of God's standard of holiness.  The outcome is an eternal separation from God.  

But there is GOOD NEWS!  We can still enter into a personal, intimate relationship with the awesome, living God.  We can fulfill what we were actually created and intended for! This is accomplished through Jesus Christ, God's Son.  God had a plan from the beginning to conquer sin, and restore a right relationship with Him.  Through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, God the Son stood in our place taking the punishment for our sins and defeating sin and death.  All people are invited to put their trust in, and believe in Jesus, having faith that a right relationship with God is through Jesus' finished work on our behalf, and not our own efforts.  We are saved by God's grace, through the faith we have in Him.  


Inside a relationship with God, He goes to work to transform us.  Our lives, after receiving God's grace (by putting our faith in Him) can be different than life on our own.  When we trust Jesus to save us, God the Holy Spirit takes up residence within us and newfound power becomes available to live a new kind of life - life in the Spirit.  All of life can be lived for God's honor.  All that we do for God's sake, when we put Him first in our lives, becomes an act of worship and a response to His love and mercy.  


Shortly after Jesus was raised from the dead, the church began.  It was started by His followers, who were witnesses to the things Jesus did.  The church was predicted by Jesus and begun through God's power.  It is a community focused on Jesus and all that He has for all people.  The church owns a simple, God-given mission: helping people meet and follow Jesus.  While the church today includes those who believe in Jesus, and those who are in continual pursuit of growth in Jesus, the focus of the church is outwardly, towards those who don't know Jesus yet.  Jesus' objective for us includes reaching out to a very broken world with the hope that can be found nowhere else but in God's grace.  The church will exist until, one day, Jesus comes back as He promised He would.  On that day the entire world will be forever changed.  

This life isn't the end.  All of humanity will exist eternally in one of two places.  Without God's grace to rescue us from the consequence's of sin, we will be eternally apart from God.  With God's grace and Jesus' righteousness to rescue us, we will be eternally with God.  Eternal life will be a joyful existence on a new earth, under a new heaven, in an eternal community of God's people and with God Himself.